ITF Inspector

ITF Inspector’s key responsibilities:

  • To carry out inspections of ships to ensure that living and working conditions on board meet at least internationals standards
  • To check that any existing ITF approved agreement on an FOC ship is being complied with by the shipowners;
  • No negotiate the signature of ITF acceptable agreements with owner of any FOC ship with or without use of industrial action;
  • To co-ordinate local industrial action where necessary in close liaison with the ITF and the unions concerned;
  • To handle backpays claims on behalf of seafarers and liaise with local lawyers and the ITF on approved claims;
  • To give practical advice and assistance to seafarers employed on FOC vessels and, in consultation with the unions concerned, to seafarers employed on national flag vessels;
  • To educates seafarers about benefits of belonging to a trade union, and empower them to take steps to help themselves;
  • To check whether there have been any incidents resulting in injury to, or death of seafarers, to investigate such incidents and in consultation with the Secretariat deal with aspects of any personal injury or loss of life claim;
  • To seek and secure maximum local and national publicity about FOC generally, about problems experienced with individual vessels, and about ITF FOC Campaign;
  • To mediate between seafarers, ship management on board, portworkers’ unions and the ITF secretariat in case of violation of the cargo-handling clause in ITF approved agreements;

ITF Inspector’s in Lithuania contact details:


Andrey Chernov

Mob.: +37069928198;